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More riding donkeys are in training and will be posted here real soon!
Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.



SOLD- moving to Louisiana

Sunbeam is a 7 year old sorrel jenny that is 54 1/2 inches tall. You want gentle and friendly? She is almost aggravatingly friendly! Sunbeam is a very nice, full bodied and agreeable mammoth riding donkey. We are super careful about saying that any animal is guaranteed safe for kids because we would not get a kid hurt for any reason, but I promise you that we would trust Sunbeam with our 7 year old granddaughter anywhere and anytime. She also walks out at a good steady pace, trots nicely when asked, and will lope off when necessary. Sunbeam is a super mammoth saddle donkey that is willing to cross water, lead, load, stand to mount, go out alone, etc. etc. etc. She is a whole package mammoth riding donkey. Please come to our farm and see for yourself. WE are certainly willing to send her to you without you coming to see her in person, but our customers are always invited to come and ride any of our saddle donkeys.
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Cracker 2018s CRACKER


Cracker is a five year old white gelding that is 53 1/2 inch's tall. Cracker came to us in really thin condition from a home where this donkey was fed very little and his other needs were completely ignored. All this being said I could see a pretty special riding donkey under this skinny hide. We immediately got him wormed about three consecutive times, had his teeth floated, and increased his feed slowly but surely. Cracker's response was nothing less than seemingly total appreciation. Although he has gained about 150 pounds he is still growing to his potential ideal weight and making progress every day! Now about his riding: Cracker has responded to his training in the same way he has responded to his new special care. Cracker quickly lived up to all of my expectations. He is all anyone could expect in a nice saddle donkey. All the stuff like leads, loads, stands to mount, goes out alone without hesitation, forward motion etc., etc., etc. he does. Cracker is also an almost perfect match for our next offering, "Snowman" in case someone is interested in a "look alike pair".




Fancy is a 7 year old dapple sorrel jenny that is 51 inches tall. They say dynamite comes in smaller packages. Fancy is the fastest walking and smoothest walking saddle donkey we have had in a very long time. Not only can she do it right, she likes it. Surprisingly bold, foreword and stout for her size. She has enough big bone and strength to be a much larger riding donkey. She routinely carries a two hundred pound rider and never looks back. Uphill or down, across water, or wherever you point her in that direction she will go and do it with style. All of the other stuff that a well broke saddle donkey should do like lead, load, stand to mount, go out alone, etc. should be assumed in this case. If this is the saddle donkey package you have been looking for, here she is.

Fancy 2019S



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