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More riding donkeys are in training and will be posted here real soon!
Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.



Foxy is a 10 yr old black jenny, 55 1/2 in. tall. Foxy is another mammoth riding donkey that was originally trained here. Through circumstances beyond the original buyers control she is back with us to find a new great home. She has been ridden extensively in all kinds of territory and has handled them all with ease. She has good bone, full body, nice hip, excellent walk out speed, goes out alone, stands to mount,
leads at your shoulder, loads etc., etc., etc., as far as your list wants to go. Foxy may be the mammoth saddle donkey you have been looking for.

Foxy 2017

Abby 2017 ABBY

Abby is a six year old sorrel jenny that is 55 inches tall. Abby is the whole package wrapped up in one outstanding mammoth riding donkey. She not only is an excellent do it all mammoth saddle donkey but a beautiful jenny with an eye catching appeal. She has a big hip and excellent overall conformation and appearance. All the nice things we could say about this top notch mammoth saddle donkey have been said before, so let me say that the first one to try her out will buy her for sure.




BUCKWHEAT is a six year old black gelding that is 55 inches tall. Buckwheat is one of three of our mammoth saddle donkeys that has just returned from the summer and fall in Colorado and Wyoming from a professional hunting camp where they. routinely were ridden many miles one day and packed the next day. Buckwheat, Rupert, and Jack have led as well as been in a pack string carrying supplies as well as deer, elk and even a moose. These mammoth riding donkeys will cross belly deep water without hesitation, stand to mount, and as always will go out alone.
What a set of mammoth riding donkeys!

Buckwheat 2017

Pet 2017 PET


Pet is a 10 yr old sorrel jenny, 55 in. tall. This great mammoth saddle donkey has literally been there and done that. She is seasoned, dependable, and has a world of experience. Pet is a full bodied easy keeper. Her name tells about her disposition and demeanor. Every single thing that you could possibly ask a mammoth riding donkey to do she will do.



Kiowa is a 2 1/2 year old 54 inch gelding.

Kiowa 2017


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