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More riding donkeys are in training and will be posted here real soon!
Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.




Mabel is a 7 year old 54 inch classy black jenny. Whether you call them mammoth saddle donkeys or mammoth riding donkeys, she is a few short weeks from being a good one.

Mabel 2017

Texas Brazos 2017 TEXAS BRAZOS


Texas Brazos is a 4 year old 56 1/2 inch black jenny. Once again we have a very
nice riding donkey that was thin when she arrived, but with good care and GRAIN she is gaining weight every day and coming on strong in the saddle donkey department..



Coming Soon!

Spice is a 4 year old 58 inch dark gray jenny. She is pretty thin right now, but gaining weight every day since she is staying at a nicer hotel and eating at the buffet! This big gray young mammoth jenny will make a real deal riding donkey.

Spice 2017

Oscar 2017 OSCAR


Oscar is a 12 year old 54 inch cream colored dunn gelding. Apparently He has been ridden for several years. He just needed a refresher course.




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