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More riding donkeys are in training and will be posted here real soon!
Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

Please Note: The Donkeys listed as "Coming Soon" still have their winter coats on and we will post new pictures as we get their coats shaved.



Tex is a six year old gelding that is 52 inches tall. Tex is a little super riding donkey. He seems altogether different when a small child is riding him (almost a caretaker). On the other hand, he is very willing and able to carry an adult and at a click it off pace when asked. Tex is tough but gentle, fast but calm, and a real joy to ride. When kids show up at the riding pen, as they very often do, Tex is the saddle donkey they head for.

Tex 2017

Chester 2017 CHESTER


Chester is a 6 year old dark gray/black gelding that is 54 inches tall. This riding donkey is fat and slick, leads and loads without issues, and has good feet that are easy to handle. We rode him four hours last Sunday afternoon where he went up and down steep places easily and crossed
four creeks without hesitation. He comes into the lot for his morning feed and halters easily. This saddle donkey will certainly show up at Bishop Mule Days if he is still here when we leave. We think he is the real deal.



Susan's Cotton is an 8 year old white jenny that is 55 inches tall. Cotton is a mature, full of energy, very forward saddle donkey.
Her unusual color really makes her stand out in the pasture or on the trail. Passers by and kids always want to pet her and ask questions about her.

We have not found a lazy bone in her body.
She will lead the group if allowed or stay back with little restraint if asked. Leading, loading, and standing to mount, etc. are no problem. Here is a unusual riding donkey that has the whole package. Cotton will be ready by the first week in May. 

Cotton 2017 

 Chooch 2017 CHOOCH


Chooch is a 5 year old black gelding that is 56 inches tall. CHOOCH in case you are wondering is the Cherokee word for boy or male. He is a mammoth saddle donkey in the truest sense, having good bone to insure durability, good size to insure plenty of strength for adults and an attitude
that allows for younger riders to get along with him as well. Needless to say he does all the lead, load, etc. that you expect a
well broke riding donkey to do. When we put a riding donkey on the web site they will be traffic safe, used to kids, wagons, dogs and ridden on rough trails. 




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