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Riding Donkeys For Sale

Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

We have several very nice donkeys in training that will be available soon.

Please Note: The Donkeys listed as "Coming Soon" still have their winter coats on and we will post new pictures as we get their coats shaved.

If you are interested in what we have in training please give us a call.

***Many people ask the "goes out alone" question: To us, that is part of being a broke riding donkey. When you see any donkey on our website advertised as "BROKE TO RIDE" this will absolutely be part of the package.

Please check back with us often.

Riders Summer2014 
Donkeys: Barbie, Piper, Dixie, Floyd, Reba, & Wishbone left to right

Tonto_clipped_2014 TONTO


Tonto is a Five year old 'PAINT' gelding that is 59 inches tall. Tonto is a big strong, willing, unusually colored mammoth saddle donkey. To be so large and beautiful He is more laid back and easy going. We think He would be an excellent candidate for a cart donkey. He is willing, not excitable, friendly and wants to be with people. For now Tonto might be the mammoth riding donkey you have been looking for. He does not seem to care if He is alone or in a group.




Wishbone is a Six year old, dark sorrel gelding that is 59 inches tall. This is one get down the road saddle donkey. We hardly ever mention 'GOES OUT ALONE", because it is so basic we assume that a broke to ride mammoth riding donkey will absolutely always go out alone, however we get asked that question in almost every e-mail or phone call. My speech is over so back to Wishbone. He has good feet, stands to mount, goes out alone or with a group. Wishbone will lead the ride if you ask him or stay back in the pack. He is a great looking bigger type, forward mammoth riding donkey you will like him.


Debbie clipped OKLAHOMA DEBBIE
(a.k.a. Big Debbie)


Oklahoma Debbie is a four year old iron gray jenny that is 60 inches tall. Big Deb is a heads up saddle donkey and looks really sharp going down the trail. She has an excellent energy level and will readily walk, trot, and canter at your slightest request. Iím relatively sure she will grow a little more as well. There are few out there for sale that are truly 15 hands when you drive up!!! Here is a riding donkey that has all this and the looks to go with it.



Piper is a six year old brown jenny that is 55 inches tall. We REALLY like Piper. She is a riding donkey with enough size to be a mammoth and has plenty of looks and energy to be a real joy to ride. She came to us in foal over a year ago. We weaned her colt and took her to the riding pen where she accepted her training as quickly as any saddle donkey we have ever trained. She has had a great home previous to coming to our farm and has been handled all her life. Piper is a very special saddle donkey that is also a great Mom if you should choose to raise a colt out of her.

Piper 2014 clipped

Click image to view larger image

Piper with rider





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