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Riding Donkeys For Sale

Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

We have several very nice donkeys in training that will be available soon.

If you are interested in what we have in training please give us a call.

***Many people ask the "goes out alone" question: To us, that is part of being a broke riding donkey. When you see any donkey on our website advertised as "BROKE TO RIDE" this will absolutely be part of the package.

Please check back with us often.

Riders Summer2014 
Donkeys: Barbie, Piper, Dixie, Floyd, Reba, & Wishbone left to right


Rio is an eight year old black and white paint jenny that is 53 inches tall. Our kids ride this flashy saddle donkey everywhere. We never advertise a riding donkey as a “kid donkey” because they are animals and nothing is 100%. With that being said, we trust our kids on her without reservation. Rio does everything you could ask a saddle donkey to do.

Rio 2015

Flekka 2015 FLECKA

FLECKA is an eight year old paint jenny that is 55 ˝ inches tall. She has lots of flashy color and is the perfect size for most riders. She is great with her feet, has a full body and is a friendly easy keeper. This saddle donkey has almost everything you could ask for. She leads great, loads easily, has perfect feet, goes out alone, she has plenty of pep, is willing to lead out or follow when in a group of riders. If you are looking for a riding donkey that stands out in a crowd, here she is.




JASMINE & JENNY COLT – Jasmine is a seven year old gray jenny that is 57 ˝ inches tall. The dark gray jenny colt is two months old and out of an outstanding 61 inch black jack. Jasmine is a big strong, safe and gentle saddle donkey that loves people. She has many miles out on the trail, is traffic safe, go’s out alone (even without her colt). When the colt is close by she of course wants to know where her baby is but goes right along with the colt in tow! If you are in the market for an outstanding big riding donkey with a bonus here she is.

Jasmine 2015

Click image for larger view
Jasmine with Jenny foal 2015

Cinnamon2015 CINNAMON

CINNAMON is a ten year old roan sorrel jenny that is 56 inches tall. She has been ridden extensively but not in the last couple of years. I am listing her a coming soon but that means VERY SOON. She is rapidly accepting her tune up. Cinnamon is a good looking saddle donkey with very good conformation. Here is a riding donkey that has been there and done that and has everything you would ask for in a possible brood jenny.




EXPO is a six year old black gelding that is 54 inches tall. Expo both rides and drives. This is another riding donkey with a bonus. We do not get a lot of calls for driving donkeys in the last few years but He is broke to drive and he does it well. Traffic does not seem to bother him at all either under saddle or in harness. He is a saddle donkey with a dual purpose.

Expo 2015

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