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Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

Coming Real Soon, New Saddle Donkeys!

If you are interested in what we have in training please give us a call.

***Many people ask the "goes out alone" question: To us, that is part of being a broke riding donkey. When you see any donkey on our website advertised as "BROKE TO RIDE" this will absolutely be part of the package.

Please check back with us often.

Riders Summer2014 
Donkeys: Barbie, Piper, Dixie, Floyd, Reba, & Wishbone left to right


Red Moon - He is a 3 year old 59 inch tall gelding. He is tall, a little thin, very young, shedding teeth, still growing and filling out BUT wow!!! This past weekend he carried our nephew Shane Garrett to the green saddle donkey championship in Dallas at the Texas State Fair (green means never shown before). On the same weekend he did double duty by caring 10 year old Nancy Garrett to the Reserve Grand Championship in the sub youth division Moon is one very patient and exceptional young saddle donkey as he underwent 8 saddle changes during the show events. The crowds, rides, and confusion did not bother him one bit in his very first trip away from the farm.

He is gentle, friendly, has good ground manners, leads, loads, and goes out alone with out any hesitation. Loping is not his favorite thing to do but he walks out with the best of them and is willing to trot out indefinitely. Although Moon will probably never be a race donkey, He is already an excellent riding donkey that will only get bigger and better. He has many years ahead of him and many miles of trails ahead of him. 

Red Moon 2016 

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Red Moon 2 2016

Lucky 2016  LUCKY

Lucky  is a 6 year old roan sorrel gelding that is 52 inches tall. Lucky has been here before. We trained him to be a riding donkey as a 3 yr. old and sold him to an outfitter who took him to Colorado and Wyoming for 2 years where he packed elk and carried hunters in the most difficult conditions. We got him back when the outfitter cut back. Lucky is a saddle donkey that has been there and done that as they say. He is not a big donkey but his strength and endurance are amazing. If you are looking for a stout, willing, smaller riding donkey that can go to the mountains or ride around your property, Lucky is your choice.



Buckaroo - 8 year old sorrel gelding that is 54 inches tall. Buckaroo came back to us under under the same scenario as Lucky
having been on hunting expeditions in Wyoming and Colorado. We trained him as a youngster and that training has held to this day. He truly is a riding donkey that has seen it all. Different States, different terrains, and different riders every trip.
Here is a saddle donkey that is more than ready to please you for many years to come.

 Buckaroo 2016

Tess_2016   TESS

Tess is an Eight year old dark iron gray jenny that is 57 1/2 inches tall. She is a riding donkey with a big motor. She rides totally under control, but she is not for a timid rider. If you want to go down the trail and not lag behind here she is. She is big enough to carry a load and still keep the pace. It goes without saying that all our riding donkeys certainly go out alone,
load in the trailer WHEN you ask and not maybe later! If you are looking for a big stout saddle donkey that is seasoned and ready to go you will like Tess.



Coming Soon!

Watch for more info on Cochise! 

 Cochise 2016
Casey  CASEY

Coming Soon!

Casey is a 3 1/2 year old gelding that is 59 inches tall. 

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