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Riding Donkeys For Sale

Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

Coming Real Soon, new prospective Donkeys have been added to the riding pen & have begun their training !

If you are interested in what we have in training please give us a call.

***Many people ask the "goes out alone" question: To us, that is part of being a broke riding donkey. When you see any donkey on our website advertised as "BROKE TO RIDE" this will absolutely be part of the package.

Please check back with us often.

Riders Summer2014 
Donkeys: Barbie, Piper, Dixie, Floyd, Reba, & Wishbone left to right

Comanche 2017

Comanche is a 3 1/2 year old black gelding that is 47 1/2 inches tall. This little saddle donkey is destined to carry a small adult or a child to hours and miles of pleasure and enjoyment. Don't worry about the kids keeping up with you. Comanche is one little riding donkey that can click
it off going down the road or trail. He also willingly leads, loads, is good with his feet, and goes out alone. Lots of kids show up around here on Saturday and he is the one they all want to ride.



Cricket is a 8 year old sorrel jenny that is 56 inches tall. Cricket is a good looking seasoned saddle donkey that leads, loads,
turns, backs, etc. and of course goes out along. This is a description of an outstanding riding donkey. We think the most picky mammoth saddle donkey shopper will be happy with Cricket.

Cricket 2017

Buggs 2017 BUGGS


Buggs is a 4 year old iron gray jenny that is 57 inches tall. Outstanding temperament, disposition, conformation, attitude and a willingness to please are all specialties of this really nice saddle donkey. We are proud to offer this outstanding riding donkey to the right person. Buggs does everything you could ask a mammoth riding donkey to do including walk out briskly and with class and style.



Coming Soon!


Miss Kitty 2017

Pickles 2017 PICKLES


Pickles is a 8 year old 56 inch black jenny.
She is a absolute dream to ride with a rocking chair gait. You can not go wrong with this gem.



For those of you who follow our web-site, you know that it is very rare that we have a mule on our site. However, we have an excellent one to share with you. We are proud and happy to recommend her to our customers who may prefer a mule to
one of our saddle donkeys:

I WANT TO BE A GOWGIRL is a 6 year old gray and white mare mule. She is actually considered a paint but a very unusual colored one to say the least. On her left hip she has a black spot that looks very much like an old time cowboy hat. Cowgirl is 53 inches tall and beautiful as you can see. She has a big round hip, wide chest, straight legs that are straight and square on all four corners. Her head is neat and trim and her neck ties the whole deal together.

She is good with her feet, stands to mount, walks out briskly in a quick classy gait. Her trot is smooth and controlled and her short lope is all anyone could ask for. Cowgirl is gentle, easy to catch and halter, and leads at your shoulder. She would be hard to beat in a halter class and almost impossible to beat going down the road or on the trail. Cowgirl is big enough to carry a large adult and gentle enough for a kid.

Cowgirl 2017
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