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Riding Donkeys For Sale

Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

We invite you to come to our place here in Oklahoma. Spend a day or even a
few days riding each and every one of this outstanding group of mammoth saddle donkeys we have put together for your consideration

Coming Real Soon, new prospective Donkeys have been added to the riding pen & have begun their training !

If you are interested in what we have in training please give us a call.

***Many people ask the "goes out alone" question: To us, that is part of being a broke riding donkey. When you see any donkey on our website advertised as "BROKE TO RIDE" this will absolutely be part of the package.

Please check back with us often.

Riders Summer2014 
Donkeys: Barbie, Piper, Dixie, Floyd, Reba, & Wishbone left to right

Casper 2018


Casper is a three 1/2 year old black/white paint gelding that is 57 inches tall and still growing.
This unusual colored mammoth donkey is the real deal. His attitude, behavior and especially his performance is far beyond his years and he has his whole life ahead of him. Casper is forward,
enthusiastic and willing. He has a quick paced walk, smooth trot and will lope out on request. Of course, He will go out alone without looking back or take the lead with a group if asked to do so. Casper is a young mammoth riding donkey that will please even the most discerning rider. If you are looking for years of dependable riding in an outstanding young mammoth saddle donkey, here he is. Come ride him for yourself and see for yourself.



Cricket is a 8 year old sorrel jenny that is 56 inches tall. Cricket is a good looking seasoned saddle donkey that leads, loads, turns, backs, etc. and of course goes out along. This is a description of an outstanding riding donkey. We think the most picky mammoth saddle donkey shopper will be happy with Cricket.

Cricket 2017

Tarbaby 2018 TARBABY

Tar Baby - Is a three 1/2 yer old black gelding that is 58 inches tall and growing. If you are looking for a big, stout, medium boned mammoth saddle donkey here he is. This guy is the whole package. We are really liking Tar Baby. He rides totally under control but does have the big motor. There is not a lazy bone in his body. This mammoth riding donkey is one that is capable and willing to be ridden for many miles in any type terrain. We invite you to come try out Tar Baby and see for yourself how this saddle donkey rides.




Miss Kitty is an eight year old gray jenny that is 57 inches tall. Miss Kitty was ridden some as a 3 and 4 year old then used as a brood jenny for 3 years. We have now been riding her again for several months.
She is an excellent saddle donkey that is friendly, good with her feet, goes out alone without looking back, stands quietly to saddle and mount, walks out at a good pace, and is an easy keeper. She is truly a classic mammoth riding donkey. She still shows some signs of being a broad jenny
but her figure is returning as we put miles on her under saddle.

Miss Kitty 2017

Helen 2018 HELEN


Helen -Is a three 1/2 year old roan sorrel jenny that is presently 53 1/2 inches tall and growing. This saddle donkey is calm, sweet, and loves people. Helen has the classic mammoth look, color and disposition. She does everything you would expect a nice riding donkey to do. She is laid back and makes no quick or jerky motions that horse and mule riders typically hate. Laid back does NOT mean pokey and slow
instead it means that her movements are smooth and calm.She could be the ideal mammoth saddle donkey for you.




Jewel - Is a coming three year old black and while blazed face paint jenny that is 53 1/2 inches tall and still growing. Jewel definitely will make the mammoth requirements. She is a beautiful and eye catching riding donkey.
True enough she is pretty young but on the other hand she has her whole life ahead of her. She really walks out with class, speed, and style. She travels
heads up and is very forward. It goes without saying that she leads, loads, stands to mount, and goes out alone. Jewel is an outstanding beautiful young saddle donkey and she is available now!

Jewel 2018




 More Available Riding Donkeys



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