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The Garrett Mammoth Jackstock Spring Foals
2016 Spring Foals Coming Soon.

1st foal of 2015 First colt of 2015


Born 5/7/2015 this beautiful jack colt is going to be stunning.

2nd colt of 2015 Second colt of 2015

Jenny colt born 5/17/2015 out of 16 hand jenny and our herd sire Oklahoma Captain

3rd colt of 2015
Third colt of 2015

Jack colt born 5/18/2015 out of Masterpiece and 14 hand jenny

5th colt of 2015 Fifth colt of 2015

Jenny colt born 6/13/2015 out of a 16 hand sorrel jenny      and Tennessee Buck!



This is the 5th colt of the 2015 season and she is a Bottle Baby. Her mother has had many babies and raised them all but this time her bag was very large and the colt was not able to suck. We have been bottle feeding this little girl and she is doing fantastic. She is very friendly and will follow you anywhere. Her mother is a 16 hand jenny and her sire is a 15 hand 1 inch jack. She is going to grow up to be an amazing jenny. Unfortunately, we have many commitments this summer so fortunately for someone this little girl is going to be sold at a very reasonable price at this time.


6th colt of 2015 Sixth Colt of 2015

This stunning black jenny is going to be a beauty. Out of Oklahoma Captain and a black 15.1 inch jenny.
She is one fine colt!

7th Colt 2015 Seventh Colt of 2015

This baby was born 8/2/15,
 and is a cutie.
Another Masterpiece baby.

8th colt of 2015 Eight Colt of 2015

This handsome lad is our last colt for 2015. He was born on 9/21/2015 and is out of our herd sire Tennessee Buck and this 57 1/2 inch sorrel jenny.

2015 foaling season is complete until the spring of 2016.

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