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---- Lea Ann Thomas <Leannadanna@leonardonline.net> wrote:

Hello, Bill, Gina, Becca and Dozer -

"Precious" participated in her first parade yesterday. She performed like an old pro! She also won first place in the equine division (check out the blue ribbon!) Consequently we had to lead the equine section, right behind the marching band!!! I was concerned she might be intimidated by the drums and the flag team directly in front of us, but we held back a little until she understood what they were doing and then she walked right down main street like she's done it all her life.

In three minutes she showed all those horse folks what I've been saying - she was alert but calm in a new situation. I think my favorite part of the day was right before the parade. We stood quietly in the shadow of our trailer (it was 90 degrees at 9am!!) while horsemen and women rode their spirited mounts in circles until they were shiny with sweat, and we watched quietly as horses pawed and chomped at the bit, then when it was time to go we quietly walked on out to our place in line. I KNOW she is being discussed today at the local coffee shop!!

Shane did a great job with "Precious," and I just wanted to thank you again for my outstanding saddle donkey! She took great care of me and I am confident we will go many fun places together.

Lea Ann Thomas

Leonard, Texas

Blue Ribbon for Precious.




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