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From: "Rachel Condon" <wyethia0@gotsky.com>
To: <billcgarrett@windstream.net>
Subject: Candy/Tsula update
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 21:06:26 -0800

Hi, I thought I'd send you an update on our Tsula (sold to us as Candy). She is doing very well on our pack trips and riding behind our house. Last summer I was riding her alone when we met up with a mama bear and cub, and she did everything exactly right. She stopped and warned me before I even saw them, stood her ground with only gentle encouragement, and then kept going down the trail after they left, very calm and cool. She did great job, especially since she didn't have our older donkeys there to coach her. Here's a picture of her on the Pacific Crest Trail last summer. Thanks for a great animal with a big heart.

Rachel Condon
Tsula 2013 aka Candy




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