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Hi Bill, Just wanted to send you a few pics, you can add to your testimonials page if you like. We posted pics on facebook too, everyone loves her.

Here is our big girl Peggy that we just purchased from Bill Garrett. She came out of the trailer, we gave her a couple days to settle in and then it was off to work on the ranch. She is good with our dogs, in fact appreciates having the dingo lead out. I have mostly ridden her alone but my husband rode one of the mules (he was the one taking the picture), and she preferred to lead out, when I put her behind the mule she was telling me she would just as soon go back home as follow that mule. LOL Becca will be pleased to learn that she is learning to neck rein. It is just not feasible, for the type of riding we do, to have both hands on the reins. Luckily, we have much brush, mostly catclaw and mesquite, and it didn’t take her too long to figure out that I was trying to help her, not annoy her. When she wouldn’t heed the cue she ended up tangled up in catclaw. She has a pretty good rollback she is working on too, but when pressed she will push her way through the brush and go where she’s needed.
Having been a long time many mule owner, I am impressed at how quickly the donkey learns and how loyal they are. I look forward to our next purchase from Bill. He definitely has an eye for what makes a good donkey, both in stature and temperament.

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