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Cowboy Tough!

Written Feb 14, 2012 10:33am

One month ago today our Dozer left this earth and went to live with his Heavenly Father. Dozer's life touched so many people from coast to coast and border to border and I am so very thankful to have been chosen to be his Mammie for 11 years. The peace I feel knowing that He is free from cancer and living the most glorious life imaginable get's me through each and every day.

Today is a day of celebration, it is Valentines day and a day the kid's at school enjoy with a party. Dozer always wanted me to bake brownies for his class and today will not be the exception as his class will enjoy brownies. This group of kids have been so wonderful to our family as they struggle without their classmate and friend.

Today is also a day we have celebrated with our Becca because six years ago today her adoption was completed and she became legally ours. Our legal battle was won on this day but she had been ours since she was a tiny baby and we are so blessed by her. Becca said "A month ago today my hero, my best friend, my brother, was set free! He is no longer bound by sickness or pain. He sits at the right hand of our Father. He is running on streets of gold singing at the top of his lungs and having a blast up there in heaven."

We are so very thankful for the donations made in Dozer's honor. It is our desire that his legacy live on touching not only the lives of children but adults as well. If you care to put a post on care pages as a final post we would appreciate it. My wonderful two best friends have given me a special gift of Dozer's care page book. I will get it ordered within the next week. I hope to use my thoughts and your comments to write a book in the near future.

Nothing in our lives seems normal at this time. On February 3rd we had a house fire and our home will be rebuilt in the near future. We are so thankful to our friends and family that helped us get out all of our things and most importantly to me, Dozer's things.

I encourage you to be Cowboy Tough and remember what is important in life as our Dozer did.

Three of Dozer's most important places that touched his heart and gave so much to him during the past two years are New Life Kids Zone, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oklahoma City and Cavett Kids Foundation. This would have truly made him happy to see another child benefit from a donation made in his honor.

New Life Kids Zone
PO Box 1329
Stilwell, OK 74960

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oklahoma City
1301 NE 14th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73117


Cavett Kids Foundation
1200 N. Phillips Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Becca & Dozer at football banquet.




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