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Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

We have a number of very nice jacks for sale. If you are looking for a well bred jack for your breeding herd, please contact us. Tell us what your needs are! We are sure we will have just the right jack to add to your breeding program. We strive for quality!


Ace is a 60 inch 11 year
old heavy boned black jack that breeds jennies.

Bulldog 2017 Jack

Bulldog is a 6 year old sorrel jack that is 54 inches tall. Bulldog will absolutely breed mares! He is thick built and fairly heavy boned. He has enough body and bone to be a 15 hand jack, just as his pictures show. He has great confirmation and excellent feet. He is easy to handle and a pleasure to have around.


Checotah is a 14 year old black jack that is 57 inches tall. Checotah is from the Jack Seiman farm in Indiana and one of the few left from that blood line. He only breeds jenny's but is a real opportunity to add this bloodline to your herd. He will be a real bargain for someone looking for a jenny jack.

Cheotah 2017 Jack

Romeo 2017 Jack ROMEO

Romeo is a 6 year old dark gray dun jack that is 57 inches tall. He will breed mares in hand or in the pasture. Romeo is full bodied, has a great hip, deep in the chest and wide between the front legs. His legs are straight, he has good feet, and he is medium boned. This jack can solve your breeding problems. He can end the crazy fees and vet bills associated with shipping semen as well as the inconvenience and expensive travel costs associated with transporting your mares to and from the closest mare jack.



Tucker is a 20 month old sorrel jack colt measuring 58 inches tall and growing like a weed. He should be ready to start breeding by the spring breeding season. His disposition is great, his legs are straight, his feet are excellent, and his teeth match. Tucker is headed for a 15 hand or bigger jack. We rarely have a jack this age and size for sale.

Tucker 2017 Jack


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