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Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

We have a number of very nice jacks for sale. If you are looking for a well bred jack for your breeding herd, please contact us. Tell us what your needs are! We are sure we will have just the right jack to add to your breeding program. We strive for quality!

3 Jump Jacks for Sale



Four year old 61 inch roan sorrel jack.
He pasture breeds jenny’s and has bred mares. He may do so again but

we are not sure at this time.

Garrett Jacks for Sale

Hambone_b_2015s HAMBONE

Hambone is a 4 year old, 55 inches tall, black Mare Jack.

Moby 2015 MOBY


DON'T WAIT UNTIL SPRING to look for a jack to breed your mares, BE READY

MOBY: Ten year old black jack that is 58 1/2 inches tall. Moby is a mammoth "most would say gaited" jack that will breed mares in a hurry. 99% of his colts will be the same color as the mare. If there is a drop of gaited blood in the mare the colts will be gaited and some times they will be gaited even out of a quarter mare.

Hawk 6 2015 HAWK


Hawk is 2 years old and 15 hands tall at this time. He is out of our herd sire Oklahoma Captain.



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