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Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

We have a number of very nice jacks coming soon for sale. If you are looking for a well bred jack for your breeding herd, please contact us. Tell us what your needs are! We are sure we will have just the right jack to add to your breeding program. We strive for quality!


Having been in the jack and jenny business for a half century. I find one common fact that we have dealt with for each and every one of these 50 years. The fact is funny in a way and very understandable in another way. Here it is! 99% of people don't want a jack on the place until 15 minutes before their mare comes in heat.

Every year in mid to late summer we purchase some very nice jacks that will breed mares. People have their mares bred and are ready to sell these jacks with no regard
for the fact that next spring they once again will not have a jack to breed them to!

On the other end of this situation we purchase the jacks and offer these jacks for sale to our customers at reduced prices until January and February of the next year. After that time we will sell them for full price. This past 2017 spring we received 22 calls between February 15th and April 15th looking for a jack that breeds mares. (Some were almost desperate)

Point: The time to buy a mare jack is when you find one that suits you and NOT at the last minute. Once again this process has started! We are offering at this time two VERY nice jacks at summer sale prices that will solve your mule baby problems this coming spring.

It will be interesting to see if history repeats itself once again or people finally learn their lessons. Either way we are prepared. What about you?



Oklahoma Billy Boy 2018 M
This outstanding jack is 15 hands 2 inches tall and 7 years old.
He has only bred mares at this time and is a very rapid breeder



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