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Please send your phone number when e-mailing us with serious inquiries.

We have a number of very nice jacks for sale. If you are looking for a well bred jack for your breeding herd, please contact us. Tell us what your needs are! We are sure we will have just the right jack to add to your breeding program. We strive for quality!


Sold to:Casen Rangel,
located in North Texas


Bingo – Four 1/2 year old very classy black jack that is 54 inches tall.

There is many a jack out there that won’t breed a mare without using every trick in the book and most not at all. Here is one that WILL breed a mare and not be all day about it. He loves his job!

In addition he is clean headed
and straight legged and has an excellent shoulder set that comes rarely. No Yo neck here.

Consider Bingo for your next mule producer.



Big boned fifteen hand black mammoth jack that is a jenny jack.



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