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Hand made with the finest quality leather and sturdy hardware. No more poking long ears through the headstall. These headstalls are all we use with our saddle donkeys.

Click on images for a larger view of the items.

These headstalls are priced at $75.00 + Shipping & Handling


For several years now we have been putting Borium on the bottom of the horse shoes that go on anything that we ride. They help prevent slipping on rock or black top surfaces plus they last indefinitely. We have actually reset the same shoe 4 - 6 times. When the metal is almost totally gone most of the Borium is still there.

The Borium is an intense heat application to the heels and toe of each shoe. It does not interfere with your farrier shaping and fitting the shoe. We have found that the rougher the application of Borium, the more slipping it stops and the longer it lasts.

The cost of the Borium and the application is $7.00 / shoe or $24.00 for a set of four, (Plus the cost of shoes if we purchase them here).We can purchase most sizes of horse shoes here locally or you can furnish them yourself. Shipping will depend on location with no handling fees charge.

Borium Plated shoe 2


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